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Atomsk's Sanakan on Twitter
“@usanorthcoast @JoeSpectr @scotpolitik @drwaheeduddin @ubikkgoat @LeoClimateScam @yota_berlin @Quantummist @jamesb_bkk @nels_christian @Barbarajdurkin @craigthomler @brandonrgates @Gladfly1 @Over400ppm @VoluntaryOnly @NoelTurner194 @Lyonseed @MichaelBrailsfo @FriendsOScience @CutRealty @GillesnFio @ned2au @JohnPisulaMBA @SturmLLiouville @Tokyo_Tom @swcrisis @EuphoniusNuts @JamesGrecian @EthonRaptor @icarus62 @wlbeeton @stiritup15 @mysticl @eachus @AlbertaDoug @MightyApollo @weatherman769 @4TimesAYear @tor_lan @johnmuch14 @climatefrauds @MonkeyMyBack @Scipiodelmundo @SalvajeUnitario @JohnnySumatra @PeteG1001 @ClimatePoet @1_TMF_ @markc01Redux Re: "AGW requires a leap of faith" No, the "leap of faith" is you (like a young Earth creationist) willfully ignoring evidence from reputable, peer-reviewed scientific sources, because non-peer-reviewed denialist blogs told u otherwise.”
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