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Francis Meyrick (FrancisMeyrick) on Gab

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Francis Meyrick (FrancisMeyrick) on Gab
Stroller's Diary 8/4/18 Some days you get up, stretch, blunder about for a while, and, finally, you read the news. Bleh. Double bleh. Beam me up, Scotty. Maybe I'll go back to bed. A kind of weariness descends onto you. Not quite depression, but a sense of "Holy f**k, human family, are you just hell bent on destroying yourself?" So that's when I start poking around for a pick-me-up. It could be anything. A giggle her, a witticism there, a cuddle from Lucy, (my fat, lazy, old, spoiled pooch), or, what works really well, a shot of 'wonder'. No, not...
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