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Why I Left the International Churches of Christ ~ Stacey Aviva Flint

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Interview with STACEY AVIVA FLINT on her time within the International Churches of Christ (ICOC). Joining at age 16, she quickly became a top recruiter, encouraged to bring celebrities and business people into the group. At first a new family for her, the Church quickly became controlling - their dictates extending even to her relationships and children. Here, Stacey reveals her story of how she came to realize that she had been lured into a cult... 00:33 Beginnings 03:12 'Disciplers' 05:04 Missions 06:17 Marriage 08:32 The Leader 10:29 Indoctrination 12:16 Red Flags #churchofchrist #icoc #cults LINKS FOR STACEY AVIVA FLINT:...
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