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God Versus Cancer ~ Talk Beliefs News

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Talk Beliefs News - Photo-Illustrated Audio YouTube Podcast for May 2nd, 2018. MARK from Talk Beliefs and NEAL from Reason Now bring you more up-to-the-minute opinion, banter from the world of belief and non-belief. PLUS audio clips, the latest dick-moves, & End of the World Watch! TODAY'S SHOW: 01:35 Creationist Ken Ham Struggles to Fill Jobs at His Ark Park 06:54 Why Christians are Pissed with GQ Magazine 08:35 FOX NEWS CLIP 14:48 Jim Bakker: Scientists sent by God to Cure Cancer 'were Aborted' LINKS FOR THE SCIFI COLLECTIVE Official Site: Twitter & Instagram: @SciFiCollective SciFi Palooza Mini Con...
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