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Francis Meyrick (FrancisMeyrick) on Gab

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Francis Meyrick (FrancisMeyrick) on Gab
Good video. Thanks for sharing. A lot of truth in that! This obsession with material wealth, flaunting riches... how silly is that. You ain't gonna take any of it with you, mush-for-brains! I tend to use this expression as an understated slap-down. A piss-take really. "How much apple-pie can you eat...!??" (Dozy bastard...) By which I mean, sure, we all need to pay the bills, provide the means to live, but once a basic level of material income has been established, who gives a flying fffff-fu-fu... banana, whether you poop in a $100 used toilet bowl, or a $10,000 silver...
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