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Mythicistopia - Atheist Underground Ep 004 [Audio Only]

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Mythicistopia, or Myth Is Dystopia? Meander the misty meadows of Mythicistopia with us! A Trinity of Jasons weighs in on Christ Myth Theory, and A Pagan Priestess explains there’s more than mere myth to Norse religion. At the top, “The Tip” of a 3 – part series on circumcision pops up. Plus Hellmo’s CrAP, Profiles in Pedophilia…… and more! All Aboard….and Mind the Gap! In Mythicistopia: Missing Pieces: Circumcision in America, Part 1. “The Tip” The provocative first thrust of a three-pronged story on the persistence of the bizarre practice. Visit and for more info. Argonaut and the...
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