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Warren12Report meets Waterboarding TV .. at GroundZero

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Nicohitler proudly presents Notes from the Producer: Warren12Report meets Waterboarding TV vs. bono 'bey at ground zero [o'bama o'ryan o'verdubbed cam sneakout mix ] nicointelpro: "...The most irritating, disgusting, transgressive, filthiest, creepiest, craziest, censored, sabotaged and worst mashup i ever produced ;..." close friend: "shniczophrenic!!" It also ended up in some bionic hack at 231mb, so that nicointelpro had to re-re-refresh his paulagloriaMotherComplex- BritneySpears womb psyOP again. [addendum: pre-premiere at was rejected, tubemogul doesn't allow 100mb+, we *had to use paula's account again ..] Therefore as a hommage to gloria's non-violent communication topic, i also promoted this new mash...
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